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    - Machining

    With over 25 years of machining to its credit, the Technomecanic has all the means of production to produce machine parts it designs.

    It is equipped with all the machining machines (water jet cutting machine, traditional milling machines, CNC milling machines, conventional lathes, CNC lathes, surface and cylindrical grinding …) needed for manufacturing.

    For a few years, Technomecanic also owns 3 EDM machines, machining up to a capacity of 800 x 550.

    - Metalworking

    The assembly and the welding of welded assemblies are made in our whorkshop. Parts of the welding assemblies are manufacture by milling machine or water jet cutting machine in our workshop.

    - Casing

    UsinageMachines fencings are mainly made ​​of aluminum with painted sheets panels and / or lexan and / or safety glass.